THE OLD TORTOISE (1975) This piece is 14 inches long sculpted
in epoxy resin.  This sculpture was created in my second year of  art
school.  I was introduced to this material that taxidermist use. It’s
a two part doughy substance that mixes together like epoxy and
hardens in about an hour.  This compound must be worked quickly
because of the accelerated drying time.  This assignment was my
first attempt at sculpting and I discovered I had a natural ability
for this medium. This discovery changed my life.  My talents as a
sculptor secured my first professional art job with American Greetings.

WALRUS (1976) This piece is 16 inches long sculpted in epoxy resin.
This piece was sculpted in my third year of art school.  Like the
tortoise he was created in that same epoxy material. 

ARNIE (1976) This sculpture is 14 inches long and sculpted in
epoxy resin.  I sculpted this armadillo which my family
affectionately calls “Arnie”.  He was created in my final year of art
school.  I will always have a special place in my heart for Arnie.
I entered him in my schools spring art show.  One of the judges
 for that spring art show was the creative recruiter with American
Greetings.  He was impressed with my sculpture and called me
in for an interview and I happily accepted the job offer.

THE WHALE (1976) This sculpture is 14 inches long and
sculpted in epoxy resin. 

ARMADILLO (1981) This sculpture is 6.5 inches long and
sculpted in epoxy resin. The armadillo is one of my favorite
animals.  I have sculpted them several times. As a result of their
appearance they are called natures little tanks.  I find the look of
the armadillo interesting, their shells, coloring and textures
appear to be prehistoric.

TOMBSTONE TROPHY:  American Greetings used to have a
Halloween department decorating contest.  I was ask to design
and sculpt a trophy that would be presented to the winning
department.  For nearly six years this trophy graced the
companies most creatively decorated departments.