Sports Figures

SMOKIN' JOE FRAZIER ( 2012 ) 16 x 20 in. Oil on canvas.

 JACK DEMPSEY (2011) 16 x 20 in. Oil on canvas.
I’ve always wanted to paint a picture of one of my favorite sports
figures, Jack Dempsey.  He was heavyweight champion from
1919 to 1926 during what they called “the golden age” of sports,
the roaring twenties.  I’ve read a number of books on Dempsey
and watched a lot of his old fight films.  He was as big a sports
icon as Babe Ruth, possibly bigger because he was also very
popular outside the U S.  When he died in 1983 Newsweek ran
an obituary and accompanying the article was this small 3“ x 3”
black and white photo.  I liked the photo and saved it, figuring I
would paint it some day.  I wanted to capture an old vintage
feeling by giving it softer edges and painting it with limited color.

NUMBER 73 (1988) 28 x 35 in. Acrylic on masonite board.
I have been a Cleveland Browns fan all my life, so needless to
say most of my falls and winters have been pretty bleak.  I saw
this photo of Doug Dieken who was an offensive lineman for the
Browns from 1971 thru 1984.  With all of his equipment on, I
thought he looked like a warrior ready for battle.  I wanted to
convey that image in my painting.

JIM BROWN ( 2009 ) 16 x 20 in. Oil on canvas.

DREW BREES (2010) 18 x 24 in. Oil on canvas.
My son, who is a die hard Saints fan for about the last 15 years,
was finally taken to the promised land.  To celebrate, I painted him
a picture of the man most responsible for making that happen.

CHECKERED FLAG (2003) 18 x 24 in. Acrylic on canvas.
For my brother in law’s 50th birthday, I created this painting
of NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt.

DALE EARNHARDT (2005) 18 x 24 in. Acrylic on canvas.

THE BOXER (ALI) (1975) 18 x 24 in. Oil on canvas.
This is one of my older works. After taking my first oil painting
class in my sophomore year of art school, this was my first
successful piece.

THE OFFENSIVE LINE (1978) 16 x 20 in. Acrylic on canvas.
This older piece was my first painting using acrylics successfully.
This painting of the Cleveland Browns offensive line was a
present for a friend.